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tree and stump removal in Enfield & across Hertfordshire

Sadly it is not always possible to save a tree no matter how hard we try.

If a tree has succumbed to disease, decay or has been badly damaged, then it sometimes means that the only option is to cut that tree down.

At Luke Jennings Tree Surgery Ltd you can be sure that all tree and stump removals are carried out under the safest of conditions. Our trusted team of professionals sees to it that any diseased or damaged trees are carefully dismantled, enabling any remaining plants, trees or shrubs to survive and thrive.

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Our step-by-step guide to safe tree felling

When it comes to tree felling, Luke Jennings Tree Surgery Ltd has one priority – safety. This applies equally to:

  • Our customers
  • Our staff
  • Neighbouring trees
  • Nearby buildings

At Luke Jennings Tree Surgery Ltd we will advise you on the best course of action before carrying out the job works swiftly and securely.

Sectional removal

For most of our private clients across Hertfordshire garden space is at a premium, therefore trees must be removed in sections rather than one, swift chop. Our fully-qualified tree surgeons use lowering ropes to manoeuvre around the tree as they cut, making sure any persons or property are safe from falling debris.

Straight tree felling

Should you have enough space, straight or controlled felling provides a quick and easy solution. Our surgeons will make sure there is plenty of open ground to allow the tree to fall without any risk of harm to people or nearby buildings. We then carry out a controlled felling using ropes and felling wedges to ensure a smooth fall. Whatever your tree-felling preference, Luke Jennings Tree Surgery Ltd is here to advise, arrange and implement your wishes.

tree and stump removal service

While many people have considered what it means to have a tree removed, they may not have thought about what to do with what remains – the stump.

Or you may find yourself at a property where trees have been felled in the past but the stumps have been left in situ, leaving you with a bumpy garden.

At Luke Jennings Tree Surgery Ltd we have the perfect solution and can remove stumps in a stress and mess-free manner.

Green and clean removal

Stumps should be removed from the ground to prevent new roots from growing and ideally removal should be completed as soon as the tree has been felled. Removal of the tree stump also wards off the spread of various fungi which can harm not only the remnants of the fallen tree but also nearby trees and shrubs. For all our Hertfordshire customers, Luke Jennings Tree Surgery Ltd uses a range of stump grinders in a variety of sizes to carefully and safely remove the unwanted tree stump from the earth.
Stump Removal

Making way for regrowth and renewal

The stump is ground into sawdust which can then be covered by soil, leaving you with a result that is both green and clean. At Luke Jennings Tree Surgery Ltd we aim to offer environmentally friendly processes wherever possible. And one of the benefits of stump removal is that the ground is then ready to welcome a new plant, shrub or tree. All our works across Hertfordshire, North London and Essex and beyond are carried out with the upmost care not only for you and your garden but for the wider environment too.

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