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Seasoned Logs

Seasoned Logs in Enfield and across Hertfordshire Area

As one of Hertfordshire’s leading domestic and commercial tree surgeons, we are never short of lumber thanks to the work we do across the county.

Entire trees are removed from sites throughout the region and recovered to our yard in Enfield. To prevent them from going to waste, we process the trees, chopping them and seasoning them to be sold on as firewood logs.

seasoned logs in enfield
seasoned logs in enfield
seasoned logs
seasoned logs for fuel

Firewood Logs in Enfield and across Hertfordshire

If you run an open fire in your property, you will already know the importance of only using seasoned logs for fuel. Raw or green wood has too much moisture in it to burn effectively and will produce plumes of thick smoke that are bad for your health and the environment. Dried and seasoned logs burn much cleaner, making them the fuel of choice for all manner of indoor and outdoor fires.

Seasoned Logs

Quality Seasoned Logs for Sale in Enfield and across Hertfordshire Area

All our firewood logs are kiln-dried to produce optimal results for our customers. They are cut to a standard size, for easy storage and are ready for use immediately upon delivery. All seasoned logs from Luke Jennings Tree Surgery are untreated and safe for indoor use.

Storing Your Seasoned Logs

We recommend storing your firewood logs indoors in a dry, warm environment. If storing outside, they should be neatly stacked and raised off the floor on a pallet, or other platform. Firewood logs should be stored next to a wall, sheltered from the wind and rain. A waterproof cover or tarpaulin should be used, but only on top of the logs. Covering the pile entirely can result in condensation and a build-up of moisture in the wood. Remember to circulate your firewood logs regularly to prevent damp and mould.

Your Local Seasoned Logs Suppliers

You can order and collect your firewood logs from our yard in Enfield, or we can deliver them to you while we are out and about doing our daily work. We can drop off seasoned logs anywhere in the Hertfordshire region, including Enfield itself, Ware, Hertford, and beyond.
seasoned logs

Get in touch

If you want to place an order for firewood logs, contact your local, reliable, seasoned logs suppliers today. Call Luke Jennings Tree Surgery on 07957 487062 or 01992 726317.

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